WhatsCrop APK – Download Latest Version

Whenever you alter your display image on WhatsApp you generally lose a substantial part of the image and are required to be cropped. This app can modify the size of the image without losing any part of it. This app is developed by Amalgam Apps. They are known for giving latest Whatscrop apk file with quick download speed then alternative apk download mirrors and other apk files including zippyshare and user cloud.  With this app on you can load any image from your gallery or can take a new one with your device.


  • You’ll be able to crop your foreground image to show profile image.
  • With filter feature, you’ll be able to apply 25+ filters for the inventive image.
  • You can manage your profile images as for right and left within to fill your space.
  • With frames features, you can have tons of frames that are designed specifically for display images.
  • Text feature lets you write on the profile image with completely different colours and font.
  • You can simply share your footage on social networking platforms.
  • The overlay feature can let you build your display image lightweight that build lots of engaging.
  • The background section lets you reset the blur intensity and also let you build a dead ringer for your display image
  • You’ll be able to change your background wall-paper from contextual button list.
  • You’ll get the most class of stickers essential for creating innovative pic in classes like Hair, Masks, Monkey, Panda, Eyes, Mustache, Bread, Necklet, Tattoo, Snap Ear, Snap Eye, Snap Mouth and blend sticker that are completely different from these stickers.

With all the enticing features mentioned in the list, I am sure you’re scratching the web for the file. Whatscrop apk file is no wonder a great way to do innovation with your images without losing a considerable part of it.

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